@BookrVII @Adubs @tsk, my fellow counsellors, @admindev, our lord.

I ask before council to hear my case.

  1. I say, that we need to close the TL3 lounge, since it doesn’t see any activity anyways. Move all the posts to the Freeland.


  1. Remove the Lounge category. IMO, Lounge is deprecated.
  2. Decide if we’re going to split the Freeland per month basis. I think it is not needed, until we actually see performance degradation.
  3. Remove the “Lounge” from the Freeland’s title, after a month or so. The rationale for removing the “Lounge” from the title is clear to me, differentiate Freeland from blue forum’s Lounge, as to hint that baseless spam of memes is not something that is encouraged. The rationale behind leaving the “Lounge” in the title for the period of one mood is purely for transitionary period, so people understand that that is a place for talk. Although the honourable council may come up with better idea.

Now that I explained my case, I propose we vote.

1. Close the TL3 lounge, merge with Freeland

  • Aye
  • Nay

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2. Remove the Lounge category

  • Aye
  • Nay

0 voters

3. Split the Freeland on the per-month basis

  • Aye
  • Wait for more perf data

0 voters

4. Remove the “Lounge” from the Freeland’s title

  • Aye
  • Wait One Month
  • Nay
  • Other

0 voters

And that is all. The voting shall be called done, once all members voted

Don’t remove lounge category. It’s system generated.

The title of the ‘lounge’ should be dictated by the users. I’m going to stand firm on this one. Let the votes decide.

This vote should have been made public to the rest of the users. This is why were here remember?


I am against renaming Freeland constantly. If you want this votes to be public so be it. I can edit and move the post to a new thread.

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Freeland was always a stopgap thread

It is not permanent and was never meant to be. It’s already set to auto close.

I don’t like the idea of having blue forum’s lounge be copy-catted here. I never liked the whole splitting and thread names. It’s useless anyways, But if y’all want that, I wouldn’t care too much.

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I don’t care if we don’t close every month but the users should decide the name on the next one imo

why dont we let the current “lounge” thread go until it auto-closes and put a poll in that thread in which we ask the users exactly those questions: monthly thread? naming? all that jazz.

i agree that i do not want to copy blu-forums but i do like the user participation for the naming of the thread. to stop it monthly is okay i guess, but i dont have a strong or any opinion on that.

i think we can agree that we should let the users participate on that sorta thing and that we should be clearly separated from blu-forum that includes thread names as lounge.

This vote is clear as can be:


on the rest, let the users decide maybe 72 hours before current threads end to vote for that thing. i feel somewhat strongly to let users decide such matters and maybe add some reasoning from our side to add to the poll.

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I have no problem copying blue forum but that’s not up to me. A lot of things Blu forum does is born of community suggestion. I think the naming thing was always novastys idea.

  1. In Level1Techs TL3 lounge would have made sense, but not here, at least not now.

  2. Don’t delete Lounge category, instead move the current Freeland to lounge category. Makes easier to sort stuff.

  3. If there’s enough activity then sure, monthly split is ok, but I’d rater split lounge threads when performance takes the hit.

  4. Voted nay, here’s why: If “Lounge” grinds everyones gears, we could think some other name? Again, having some constant name for lounge threads makes sorting things easier.

As for mindless meme spam, I agree that it should not be encouraged. We can always have separate meme thread that users can mute if they so desire.

taps on desk here here

The reason it’s not is because the category sets the level restriction so the lounge in lounge category is only tl3 because the whole category is tl3.

General discussion is tl2 which is why it’s there. We may drop to tl1 after 50 users.

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so it shall be done.

I have closed that poll because landslide.

Maybe we need better voting system too then? majority vote is not always the best.

how so?

it doesn’t lead to good % of representation of opinions, although we are at small user count so atm that shiouldn’t matter

I’m not sure I’m understanding, but the only problem I see with the current poll is theres too many options. We should try to reduce a problem down to yes or no and in the case of maybe, just read what they say.

not always possible, but if we can, sure

then it shouldnt be a poll

polls can have more than two options?

Wasnt it you that suggested we shouldnt have majority vote?