Hey guys, Dox here. So we saw the release of Pop!OS_20.04

A beautiful set of enhancements but guess what its Linux so we arent going to do it the easy way. Lets put this awesome stuff on Fedora because Im retarded enough to try.

Alright so as we know Pop!OS releases there stuff on github. They dont support it on other distros but they are kind enough to share it under and opensource license.

BEWARE i3WM (Yes @redgek im calling your lovely light weight tiling desktop out)… Gnome has got a working concept by system76 and minus its quirks it works pretty damn well on Fedora. So lets start.

We need to install the popshell from their github. Its relatively simple but you need to make sure you have the following installed on fedora.

  • GNOME Shell 3.36 (which means Fedora 31+)
  • TypeScript 3.8
  • GNU Make
  • Proper Build Environment

So run the following command

sudo dnf install git-core gnupg make automake gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel

Optionally if you want WAY too many packages that you cant control but a full build environment you can run

sudo dnf groupinstall @development-tools @development-libraries

Then clone the git repo of system76’s work

mkdir s76AwesomeSauce
cd s76AwesomeSauce
git clone https://github.com/pop-os/shell.git
sh rebuild.sh << DO NOT RUN THIS AS SUDO whatever you do

Assuming you grabbed all the packages you needed before this should run. What it will do is pull the repo and rebuild the development version of the popshell configuration to gnome.

sudo dnf install gnome-tweaks

After all of this complete you should see

available and should be able to configure the window Tiling.

Once you enable it… you should be able to see this in the top right: image

It wasnt all too difficult. Anybody could do it. It was made fairly easily. Its nice to see that the popshell just required making the files and integrating them into fedora… via the developing and testing instructions for the extension… you must run the rebuild.sh script to install it locally (do not use sudo): sh rebuild.sh .

This will call make to transpile the TypeScript source code into GJS-compatible JavaScript sources, followed by make install to install it locally into ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions , and modifying the default keyboard shortcuts in GNOME. THIS IS WHY YOU DO NOT RUN IT AS SUDO

What I want to do is reverse engineer the popshop and move the patch to the fedora store. So I can choose between flatpak and the main repos. But I need more knowledge of DNF first

but it worked

Heres a screenshot from their help page on all the new shortcuts

Voila PopDORA that said it will compile and work on any gnome based distro. It should work in cinnamon theoretically but as a desktop im not sure. I dont think it would work on MATE-COMPIZ. you need the gnome 3 framework not 2. Further testing will be required. This is an ongoing thread as I take useful features from elsewhere and put them on Fedora. Some are easy like this one. Some will drive me insane.

@MFZuul @admindev and so it begins…


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Lol I’ve done that. Edited a config file as sudo and changed ownership to root so it wouldn’t run as my user. chown is your friend :wink:

How do you like it? Is this your first experience with a tiling manager?

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yes it is. Its quirky but its kind of nice that I can change the hinting that Pop found a way to nicely integrate into the GUI. Im getting used to it but man is it nice. I open a window and it moves something asside in a aesthetic and convenient way. Well done pop and thanks for your git :troll: Ill never use your OS but maybe ill use your extension

The script changes so much that you are probably just better off not running it as sudo LOL


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I finally got around to trying this. Having an i3-gaps like experience out of the box with the bells and whistles of Gnome widgets is really nice. Future of linoox desktop.

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Maybe I could try this for the TV. I am wanting to do a WM deal, this could be a good stopgap in the mean time… I have to learn to code for my WM idea so it could take my lifetime

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Some really popular company uses Debian + i3wm for their monitoring stations lol.

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I want to be a memer and make scrips to make the WM draw boxs and in these make terminal based buttons and menus.

Basically like FireTV but in ASCII and dumb. I was think on Debian for the TV too, have manjaro now, so I don’t have to worry about updates, There is times I go weeks not watching stuff out there.

With two ppl trying out Pop and thinking it’s not bad it will be worth trying in the mean time for sure

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A lot of people don’t like it, and I can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s because it filled a void that wasn’t really needed initially. That being said, I like it better than Ubuntu, Linux Mint*, and Elementary*. It’s more “up to date” than Debian and follows the LTS/Release schedule of Ubuntu.

They’re very open (literally) and they offer a ton of features that I find innovative and refreshing.

* I have spent very little time with those two, but my initial impression stands.

It smelled too MS Bob to me… but admittedly, I haven’t tried. I have to assume a lot of the hate is that… uninformed, first impression.

POP is a shit, cutesy name… These are irrational objections, but I’m channeling the haters…



Microsoft Bob was a Microsoft software product that was released on March 11, 1995 and discontinued in early 1996. The program was intended to provide a more user-friendly interface for the Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems, supplanting the Windows Program Manager.

I’m dying.

This is my only problem with it. But if you say it as it’s written “What distro?”



I stand by what I said previously: It does what Ubuntu does but better. They’re Canonical, but better. Truly Open, truly committed. It (actually) just works.

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This is true. And tbch it seems pop has reached the level of snappiness and speed that fedora has in comparison to Ubuntu out of the box

I think Ubuntu gets a lot of slowdown in it’s gnome environment from it not leaving well enough alone.

There are a lot of other advantages as well. I’ve seen you (and others) complain about the snap store or snaps. Don’t like it? POP!_OS is Ubuntu without snaps. I’ve seen people complain about how difficult tiling on top of Gnome/KDE is. Use POP!_OS. I’ve seen people complain about resources Ubuntu uses. Use POP!_OS. I’ve seen people complain about “third party” in Ubuntu. UsePOP!_OSinstead.

I could go on. But the advanta-- OH, want Nvidia blob out of the box? I’llsayitagainusePOP!_OS

Yeah… but Debian…

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I think it’s fair to say that Ubuntu and her clones are far and away from Debian at this point lol. The RHEL-ey stuff can be done with Ubuntu et al.

Change kernel
Compile custom versions of source
Enable long (see: long) releases
Have minimal/headless (they even have a “minimal desktop” offering now)

Yeah ikr … I recommended it to sgt cuz of this

Literally why I compiled their plugin on Fedora

That’s potentially the nicest thing they offer. Easy peazy GPU support

Even better and more stupid proof than Linux mint. I know @adubs would disagree

Mint is also all of the things you just mentioned :wink:

I use mint btw.

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nvidia driver ootb is nice I suppose but thats not really an advantage I’d say.

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