Possible product idea?


  • cameras (high end cinema/production) run some type of OS.
  • wifi 6 (802.11ax) has speeds up to 14Gbps
  • This idea likely wouldnt work for remote location filming, but should for studio filming

The concept:

TLDR - wireless storage for cameras

Of course the idea would need to be vetted before anyone would adopt such a thing, But I think an adapter (likely running embedded linux) that could hold a standard storage device plus connect to the remote storage (mirrored, making using LVM) as like a gen1 product.

After people are comfortable with the remote storage… then a gen2 could be developed that doesnt need to have the local drive mirrored. (because you would be limited by the amount of storage that is local so you could mirror the drives for safety)

Not going to keep typing as I think you should get the gist by now…

Sound cool or naw?

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe
  • doubt it
  • definitely
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I think some creators would jump on the ability to record directly to their NAS…

  • save time copying files from media cards/etc
  • not worry about losing those media cards

Don’t a lot of high end stuff rely on apps to interface with the camera?


but i imagine that the remote storage adapter that is plugged into the camera could just mimic the drive that it replaces.

Like how you see a drive in linux as vda/sda/etc… the iscsi (or whatever) gets presented to the camera just as a raw storage device.

ooooooooh I see what you mean now. I thought you were talking about a wireless nas that the camera dumps to.

actually yes… but the wireless adapter that replaces/plugs into the camera would emulate the storage. (the other stuff happens without the camera knowing)

I worded that poorly, I meant the camera connects wirelessly.

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Hmmm… I feel like stability and reliability may be a limiting factor here.

I could get on board with a version 1 that has local hardware based storage, with the option to back that up over the network at WiFi 6 speeds.

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Im just surprised that I have somehow been the first person to think about it.

i think sony did that a couple of years ago andreas schilling talked about such a thing on twitter but it wasnt successful on the market. no idea what the modelnr would be tbh.

I feel like if you could make adapters that presented /emulated storage drives… that it would be a universal type solution for most cameras.

How cool would it be to have multiple camers setup to shoot a scene and they all record to the same location.

Especially if that location was backed/hosted by ceph or glusterFS…etc

What happens when someone turns on the microwave on the other side of the wall and kills the wifi signal?

Lots of companies do direct recording to NAS anyways, through SDI.

High end stuff also has direct recording to SSD, since there’s no “portable” media that has the sustained bandwidth required to record to.

I thought that only affected g or b wifi… I thought wifi6 used different freqs?

never heard of that… but cool…
… from a quick search… thats a cable connected to something. hd-sdi is limited to 1.4Gbps.
3g-sdi is under 2.9Gbps (theres also 6g and 12g sdi)
(wifi 6 is supposed to get up to 14Gbps)

which ties you to limited size of what ever ssd that you can get that is approved/made by your camera maker.

Theoretically anything using 2.4ghz is going to see some interference. wifi 6 will actually be capable of 1ghz up to 7ghz and so multiples of that wave will also see interference. In practice anything that is actually wifi6 capable can just move through its serviceable range, so its not really a big issue.

Do you have an AC router? What are your real-world speeds?

up to 14Gbps will probably be 10Gbps in reality on a good day.

Agreed. The good cameras just have a SATA/M.2/TB/USB C port and you can throw anything in there.

I’m not saying it’s not a good idea, I’m just playing devils advocate.