Pro/anti Gun Debate

OP says it all, should civilians be able to purchase and own firearms?


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Yes. I would suggest not everyone is a responsible gun owner though, so not the crazy people.

So license to own a gun?

That is how it is normally done. I feel follow up questions coming!

It’s certainly how it’s done where I’m from.
And it’s only supposed to be used for sporting or hunting.

I have never owned a gun license, so I am not sure what stipulations they put on them.

Here the police approves you, you’d either need a hunting license or be an active member of a gun club.

Seems reasonable to me.

Considering the police also needs special permission to carry a firearm its not necessarily unreasonable.

I just don’t think the government should dictate what I can and cannot do to such a degree.

Per other thread… the question of pro/anti is moot. :wink:

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I think they are trying to look out for everyone, not necessarily restrict your rights.
Would you agree that certain people shouldn’t be anywhere near guns because they hear voices in their head or something like that?

Maybe that’s their intention, but they have time and time again shown that they will implement certain things “the people be damned”.
I have no reason to trust that their intentions are good, they are just people wielding power after all.

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Oh yeah I get that. I would love to re-wire my house, but I am not allowed to because I don’t have a Restricted Electrical License or whatever. Despite having the underpinning skills and knowledge.

William Blackstone: “it is better 10 guilty men go free than one innocent suffer…”

This is the foundation of due process as a principle. It means when the police/courts get it wrong and don’t follow it, a father raper walks “on a technicality”

That’s how brutal this principle is and must be followed to avoid that second half of the “blackstone formulation”.

No, many people who want gun control aren’t evil or want to “take er guns” but they aren’t keeping history and the reality above in perspective. They are also often basing their fears on an irrational evaluation of the likelihood of them coming true. When you break down gun violence and violence generally , it isn’t random… the overwhelming proportion of it is targeted. People known to the killer/assaulter, people involved in violence themselves… etc… doesn’t excuse it, but it points to other much more serious problems that can be solved without ease rating the rights of innocent people.

I say this as a victim of random violence… my experience is a profound outlier inthe data.


Which is what new Zealand did.
A terrible example of reactionary and emotional politics

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Yes, all for due process.

Are you heading towards: Everyone is a responsible gun owner until we can prove otherwise?

I know people there, it has put some restrictions on mag sizes which have been hard to deal with for bolt action hunting rifles even.
If there wasn’t enough irony already today, the shooter as achieved the opposite of what they wanted to it seems.

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I’m going to sleep, but my 2c on this: while in an ideal world, yes, background checks and basic training go a long way to bringing that idea into reality.

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No, I’m headed toward a much messier conclusion:

  1. Most people are basically good and must be or we could not have 7.5B of us on this rock. We notice the outliers, but miss all the good ones around us every day. Random strangers are worthy of your faith.

  2. The only way to be free is to have the system presumes that innocence… that doesn’t mean you and I have to be naive. I’ve rarely gone anywhere without a gun for a long time. People have asked me “why do you need a gun to go to xxxx”

My response is I don’t think I need a gun to go there or I wouldn’t go. If I had to go and knew I needed a gun, I’d take a rifle and friends with rifles… it’s a seatbelt or fire extinguisher… a plan F for when everything goes wrong…


Btw I find it bitterly ironic that I have to be the one to suggest we need to have faith in random strangers… to say I am not a people person would be putting it lightly… :wink:

But I’ve experienced both sides of random humanity… so many good people I’ve run into or have helped me for no other reason than they were good…