Raspberry Pi Alternatives

ODroid? Asus Tinker Board?

Wtf is out there that you all use? Looking into embedded systems and embedded programming.

I have a raspberry pi 3 that I’ve been playing with on the software side, but nothing physical yet.

Share your ideas, projects, and more that I can steal borrow :grin:

I have my RPi setup with Lakka. I have another Pi somewhere that was partially setup as a Game Boy-esque emulator in a 3D printed case.

If I was to get another SBC I’d probably skip the RPi and look at ODROID, Rock64, or UDOO boards. More power for not a whole lot more money.

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Seems fun and useful.

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I would look at OpenHAB it is a bit more mature.

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Buy my 3d printer and I’ll give you something to use that pi on.


Check out ODROID


I have an RPi 1 B+ that’s used exclusively for BIOS flashing.

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Ive had an RPI and they’re OK. Currently use two odroid C2s for little test machines building web applications.

For my truck I’m looking into the udoo products and also found another named khadas that seems grunty and has a nice DAC available.

Also the latte panda alpha seems good too. But it didn’t seem to fit my needs.

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I have several rpi’s I use to drive LED strips or relays for home lighting.
Would love to have anything x86 like the pi but the lattepandas aren’t particularly cheap. Have thought about building something like a self contained audio metering system/display, but none of the really good meters work on ARM.
I did make a little noise machine box for keeping the kids asleep that is run on a pi (button and knob use GPIO). We have had several commercial ones and they all suck ass, so I figured I would make my own.
I have a couple tinkerboard S’s with armbian, and they are… quirky, but useful. It’s the only one I’ve seen with a connector for an external WiFi antenna. Also armbian updates break things :man_shrugging:
I’ve started using the ESP32 for lots more, since you can fit an SMD ESP32 chip into almost anything, but that’s a ball of a different court, entirely.
Another idea is a whole home stereo system using pi’s or similar.