recommend me windows software

I want to go ahead and have a chance to run my 5700xt to make sure its not DOA or something.

So im downloading the win10 iso so I can do an installation of win10 so I can install steam and try some games for a while to make sure its performing like it should be.

I havent used windows 10, ever but for home use… win7/8.1 were years ago. ( not going to activate it… just going to use it for a few days and erase)

So what else will i need to get to setup to go with steam + win10
Ive heard of msi afterburner & wattman?


Literally install amd drivers.

Afterburner and wattman are only needed for overclocking.

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thanks ! good to know

what do i use to see temps/ frames… /monitor stuff

I’d use the steam overlay for frames.

Temps? is what I use.

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first im hearing of this.

shift+tab, go into settings.

In there, there’s a framerate display.

Little known feature.


Recommend me Windows software

Deep breath/Long inhalation

for gaming

Quietly leaves without saying anything :frowning:


There is the Heaven Benchmark thing which is kind of cool. I can never remember the other one with the alien and demon sword fights, but that one is cool too.


Theres newer unigine benchmarks than the heaven one. is the most intensive one

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Heaven works well because you can loop it.

so it allows you to saturate a water loop and allows you to test OC settings without needing to start the test 5x over the course of a 30 minute overclocking session.


Oh? I wasn’t aware. I’ll have to play with that later when my Super Mobile Elite Gaming Rig™ is ready to go.


You can’t loop superposition, so there’s that.

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can you not loop superposition? I know you can loop valley for sure

I don’t know about valley, I wasn’t able to find an option for superposition. (I might be wrong tho)

I used to loop valley, so i know it’s possible

I think i have some old screenshots of this benchmark that I ran on fedora with my vega 56 last year… So would be nice to compare how far ive come

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Might be a long night…


i feel dirty


Another update in 7-12 hours

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Just FYI the amd drivers have wattman where you can over clock or change fan speed. Also there you can monitor temps and such. Also they offer an overlay you can pick and choose what the overlay shows and where to position it.
If you have questions about it let me know.

BTW I would like to see some tests of some of the features so let me know if you are willing to do some tests.

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