Resources on game engine programming

Here are some of the resources I found on making game engines such as architecture, math, graphics, and a list of some of the more popular/relevant existing game engines on wikipedia.

Your first, second, third and nth Game Engine - Youtube. Lecture about what a Game engine is and what it’s not.

Wiki link - This is a starting point with a ton of resources.

Physically Based Rendering: From Theory To Implementation - Free online ebook. Building your own physically based render engine.

GPU Performance - An article explaining what a GPU does and how and why it does it.

Ray Tracing - An introduction to Ray Tracing

Books on building a Ray Tracing architecture in C++ - A good quick way to understand Ray Tracing through practice. (I falsely said this was for C but is actually in C++)

Foundations of Game engine development Volume 1 - Mathematics and Volume 2 - Rendering

Game Engine Architecture

Game Physics Engine Dev

These are mostly book recommendations on graphics. I will find some other resources about logic, physics and others and update the OP. If you have any other resources or other inputs, feel free to post below and I’ll gladly add them.


Dude, you are awesome.

What drove you to this? How far did you get? Are you still interested in it?

Lol believe it or not, those textbook prices are reasonable. I paid $300 for my OS textbook and I think $250+ for my Java/OOP book.

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With pleasure! Will provide more resources when I research a bit about what else is needed for building a game engine.

Well, I like knowing stuff and I wanted to become a programmer because money. And since I like games and game development is in its infancy in slovenia and thus well paid, I developed an interest in this sort of thing. What I didn’t do is get far. Like almost any and every oher thing I ever set out to do, I lost interest after I came to the first serious obstacle, which in this case was math and logical thinking. The two things I never had the drive to really cultivate. Now I know all I need in basic programming (and most things in life) regarding mathematics is a solid foundation in linear algebra, and this isn’t a problem. The logical thinking is the one that always demotivates me and I spiral away from the subjects of interest altogether. Lack of discipline and motivation because I just want money to get me out of the workplace I’m in and towards a more sensible work schedule :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell yeah I am. But I’m struggling with focus and core understanding of fundamentals necessary to get developing these things.

Yeah, I know! The educational books market is a disaster…

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