Ryzen 9 the Reason ThreadRipper Delayed/Cancelled?

Struck up a conversation with a buddy at work, and he found this link:

It reads a bit like hype, but I think it makes sense. Ryzen 9 has two chips that are at 16 core and 32 threads, reported speeds up to 4.7 Ghz. I can get behind that, especially when considering a High-End Desktop computer.

@tsk Aware me, plz :grin:

  1. Ryzen 9 3850X is insanely HEDT

  2. Threadripper is cucked Epyc for HEDT

makes perfect sense to kill Threadripper since R9 fucks and you dont waste precious Server CPUs for filthy, dirty, disgusting neckbeards who “BUt I NeEd IT for mY DEVLAb”

just by chance some R9 will hit 5 ghz and the lucky guy with a 5ghz CPU:


But muh pcie lanes


If they increase the PCIE lanes on R9… then I wont cry while I build it.

I mean it makes sense… core for core the TR4 pulled much more power than the Ryzen counterparts. ( i heard)

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Lmao rude.

I am wondering this as well. Team Red build OC’d 3850X and Radeon VII with AMD T-Shirt.

:wink: Shouldn’t be so bad

Planning on new build this Summer?

yeah, depending how the reviews look. If theres a 12-16 core 65 watt TDP option… I’ll probably build it regardless.

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Uhhhhh you are a tease :smirk:

OCd 3850X with 2 Navi20s :drooling_face:

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This makes sense.
PCie 4.0 already makes TR2 a hard sell.
Add a PLX chip to the 500 series mobo and the only thing TR got for it will be quad channel.


how would that affect the IOMMU users?

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Tell me who you are and I’ll answer.



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In all seriousness I don’t know, it’s an edge of an edge case in the first place so…

That’s a pretty good guess.

My guess is AMD is putting TR3 on temporary ice for now.

They can easily keep selling TR2 alongside Ryzen 3, and keep fulfilling that GloFo wafer agreement now that Polaris is going away.

I think they should market lower end EPYC to consumers instead, would be a heavy blow to Intel, practically erasing their HEDT line, which has been very profitable for them prior to x299

that could workout but im not too sure if they are enough people who want/need that. although im pretty sure that TR2 could price/performance easily compete with BluChipMaker HEDT products. Especially when it comes to PCIE Lanes on PcieG4.

We still need Microsoft to do something about the scheduler of windows though. Not everyone thinks of running windows in a VM to fix not all the cores not being used efficiently :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats a M$ problem so M$ should do something about it :man_shrugging:

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That’s what I said yeah. I’m no boomer who is just gonna blame AMD /watches as tsk gets vietnam flashbacks

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Is the Microsoft thing still an issue?