Site Maintenance in the Future

Hey everyone.

Generally when maintenance has to be done with the site I make a new thread, pin it as a banner, do the maintenance within the window, and then close/lock/unlist everything.

Do you guys all prefer that or would you rather I just always do maintenance on a certain day and time, like Sunday at 9:00 PM.

I realize this seems like something stupid to ask, but the thread thing is kind of tedious and I’ve been thinking about planning site maintenance around my weekly schedule.

Anyway, let me know.


  • I demand a thread every time with generous warning. Otherwise I’m going to have a bad day. When I have a bad day, you have a bad day.
  • I think doing it weekly at the same time would be nice. You’re nice. You’re all nice.

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I literally don’t care, play peekaboo with explosives if it tickles your fancy.



How do i check both?

i would love to know if u gonna blow up my img upload before i upload, but it’s okay. i like to scream in the freeland

tl;dr. both if possible, whatever is more comfortable for you tho

[site doesn’t respond]:
Me: must be updating… guess I’ll try back in a bit.

But thats just me. I often leave my phone in another room for hours at a time. :wink: