Speech to text software for Linux and/or Android

Anyone know of, or has used and would recommend, a good Speech to Text software for Linux and/or Android?

Would like it to be free, as I am poor, but if there is something that really works well it doesn’t matter.

never used anything like that

quick ddg result:


good luck

and quick f-droid search:


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I saw that, was just seeing if there was one someone had used one or knew of a good out of the box one.

The android one I saw too, but sounded meh.

I stick to my paper tapes and 1200 baud TTYs, so can’t help you with your zoomer tech sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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did you try it? if not, try it, it’s free as in beer as well as in freedom :wink:

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well it has to connect to a server (could be wishful thinking of local for this I guess) and only Estonian is officially supported. But I may try it out, if it’s the only thing out there.

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oh fuck, I missed a critical detail lmao

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Just use something proprietary for that. Consider Google’s own stt.

It’s usually half decent


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I suppose but nothing that is open source has been all that robust and good yet in related to this kind of software. I know because I’ve tried a lot of them.

I really wish they would get good enough so we can use them to drop down items for essays and memorandums etc