Strange work pc behavior

Not sure if this is the place where it goes, feel free to move at your discretion.

I’ve been having an issue with my work pc for a few days now and I can’t suss out the issue with my very limited troubleshooting knowledge and abilities.

Symtoms I’ve noticed:

  • Very slow to load some internet pages, sometimes resulting in timeouts when logging in to things like email
  • When testing in command prompt (admin) using the ping command it takes a good 30 seconds for it to finally run through after entering it. No dropped packets and once it starts receiving them it appears to function as normal since they come in right after another as they’re supposed to
  • Doesn’t matter which browser I use, the problem persists
  • Only happens on this machine, regardless of wired or wireless (may have to retest wireless just in case when I have time)
  • No noticeable affect in task manager when trying to open a webpage or ping a site.

Actions I’ve taken so far:

  • Ran malwarebytes, nothing came up
  • Ran windows defender, nothing came up
  • Ran Ccleaner, cleaned some crap up but didn’t do anything for the issue
  • Reset Modem
  • Defragged hard drive

That’s about the extent of my abilities (sad I know…).

Specs if you must know:
CPU: G3258
Asrock Z97
Seagate 1tb spinning rust
Windows 8.1

Hmm. Maybe a firewall or dns issue. Can you access other pcs on the lan (if any) without the hesitation?

Yup. I run my tax program off a network drive on the other pc. It does take it a little bit to open, but nothing egregiously worse than normal as far as I can tell.

I could try switching dns

Do you have a S.M.A.R.T. or disk health utility?

What do you get when you run this?

When on wireless, what is the signal strength?

When wired, what speeds does it say you are connected at?



nothing besides that thing that comes with it. Same spot as you defrag, and it came back with no issues.

With speedtest, I started it at 11:14, it took 30 seconds to show the ping, and now 23 minutes later it still hasn’t started the download speed test.

Wired speed is 1Gbps

Wireless speed is 72Mbps, Full signal strength.

Internet speed should be 100Mbps.

Changed dns, restarted, everything seems to be working fine. Sites that took forever now load, I can actually access email, and speedtest actually runs.

Numbers seem normal now


Did you recently update windows?


I’d try the windows reset.