Stuck In A Sea Of Indecision (Blog)

So, I ran across a Network Chuck video where he chats with Jeremy Cioara, and part of it struck a chord within me. Beyond the title of the video, they chat about the CCNA and other certifications and how they apply to your actual life. What do you actually want to do with this information? What is your “why?”

This part tripped me up pretty bad. (time stamped)

Jeremy talks about taking a different approach to learning. He suggests taking a laser focus to something for a month, and seeing what that particular subject has to offer you. If you like it, or can at least find it useful, run with it. If not, continue your search and go wide and continue to try stuff.

As this all applies to me and what I’m trying to do, it all kind of boils down to “What am I doing, and why am I doing it?” And the answer I’ve come up with so far is “I don’t know.”

So, I think I’m just gonna take Jeremy’s advice and take a step back and just start trying things. For whatever reason, I’ve laid out this plan for myself to get these certs and painted myself into a corner. As stupid as it sounds, I’ve never thought to actually just try stuff to see if I like it. The motivation has always just been “I have to do this cert, because I have to.” I never once thought about just plugging in my router and switch to just try it out for a while, it was always apart of The Plan™ and any deviation from that would be deemed a failure.

So, I guess this blog’s purpose is just to act as a wall for me to throw shit at until something sticks. A containment zone, of sorts.


  • Setting up Cisco equipment and home lab
  • Set up storage server (Maybe freenas)
  • Make a solid effort to study Security+ (CompTIA)
  • Powershell (Wtf am I gonna do with powershell)
  • Python (as it relates to network automation and CCNA)
  • Docker (wtf am I gonna do with Docker)

That should be enough ammo to blow my brains out with. If y’all have any suggestions or thoughts, lemme know. Otherwise, please ignore the moron in the corner. I’m gonna try to update this as often as I can so I have some form of accountability.

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Do you run a home server? I have one that serves media emby/plex, storage and backups, httpd, proxy… Maybe a useful project if you can rummage the parts. Ofc its easy to slap in a synology but why not go bananas and use a homebrew setup?

You could plan a whole network with pfsense, small server and try teaming some interfaces for funzies.

I recently setup a dhcp server with the wan going through a vpn and the lan interface was used to capture network traffic. I can monitor all traffic for specific devices, operating systems or software, was fun.

Just pointing out some things to do that all add to the knowledge toolbox.

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Nope, I really should though. I have a spare i5 system laying around not doing a damn thing. Could load it up full of drives. Only problem is that it would heat up my room to beyond comfortable levels. Won’t be a problem when I can move it to the spare bedroom when my brother moves out though.

I need to look into getting a rack for my Cisco equipment and and rack server stuff I might get. Also, a window A/C unit…

10/10 try stuff… ebay yourself some gear… play with it… if it gets hard… wait… this took a wrong turn somewhere…

If you enjoy it… play some more. If not… sell it on ebay for more than you paid. :wink:

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… Go on.

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