Take a Seat

This is chair discussion thread. Couches, recliners, desk chairs, car seats, etc. If you sit on it, post it here.

I am in the market for a new desk chair. And this is my lazy way of shopping.

This is my desk chair at the moment.

I hate it. The seat is too flat, it cuts off circulation in my legs, lumbar support is a dense foam cushion block, the back of the chair is completely flat without it. The head rest cushion is a disgrace. The chair is as sturdy as a tank, and at least it reclines and rocks. It cost me over $300, and I regret keeping it as long as I have. Sitting in it is unpleasant, and it makes me not want to sit at my desk.

I think I want one of these. I hear good things.

Keep thinking I’ll build a chair out of an automotive seat from a caddy or something.

I don’t know anything about the chair market. Mines something from office depot…

I once had a gaming chair made from a seat from a 280z. It deteriorated beyond what it was worth, so it got thrown away.

It was mounted on some 2×4’s and sat pretty close to the floor. Pretty much a console gaming chair.

I would love to have the seat out of my Si but mounted to a typical rolling computer chair setup.

Only problem is that some stock seats are bulky and heavy. They don’t balance very well.

The nice part to mine is they are all entirely manual. No electronics. I should go to the local picknpull and see what I can find but im lazy because my seat isnt broken.

When I was in the market for a chair earlier this year my buddy recommended this thing:

It’s very comfortable, but I can’t speak to its longevity since I’ve only had it 5 months. And for ease of rolling I cannot recommend those rollerblade style wheels enough particularly if you’re on carpet.

If you’re looking at aerons though those are going to be the best along with the steelcase leap. Only thing with herman miller is make sure you get the right size for you. Just type in “herman miller size chart” and the first two results are the pdf charts for the classic and new aeron.

Got me one of these.

11/10 would recommend.

Got it at some wholesaler for like 30% of retail price tho. Never pay retail.

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something about like this?

I’m stuck between something like this, or the herman miller mesh. Both are proper chairs, but I don’t know what I’d like the most. I’ve sat in several mesh seats at work that I like, but I like the idea of something a little more solid and longer lasting.

I need one at work myself. I found a local guy on eBay selling the aeron ‘refurbished’ but I’m unsure how I feel about that.

I’d feel better about “Open box” tbh

welp, ended up ordering that steelcase. lets see how it turns out.

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Review it when you get it?

might be a little tough but ill see what I can do.

Yeah, I forget where I picked it up, but basically.

I came in here expecting this:


Great thread.


I think I’ve decided on this Aeron Size B

And I’ll grab an Atlas headrest as well.