The 6th Circle: Denying ChromeOS and worshiping AltOS (x86) -Complete-

Though I have a conscious awareness of Google, I turn my back. Instead I choose to subvert the ChromeOS contract, break thy sacred warranty to install Linux.

For this, I will suffer worse than all the others. Failure and strife will be my companions.

Here I will take you with me, and you will just say…why?

BUt ChROMeOS iS LiNUx, ChRomBOoKs ARe WeAK… that’s you… that’s what you sound like

This will be the main page of my buying older cheap (sub $60) Chromebooks and making them uni or general travel computers. This x86 only, and mostly the Celeron chipset. Still working on finding an ARM solution, Libreboot has c201 and coreboot can be done on almost all of them… but a stable usable OS choice is not quite there (from what I have seen manjaro or Debian is pretty much it)

I have been using a Dell 11 P22T with GalliumOS for 2 weeks now as a daily driver. While it does have some issues with the mouse once and awhile it’s pretty great over all. Got my Chromebook for 30 bucks with shipping, it’s fanless but does not get hot even when watching youtube or Amazon Prime shows.

(I’ll post some pics here)

Links and info

Almighty Alrighty, lets get into it this. You can find all the institutions in videos or online but thought I would also put them here.

What we are going to do:

  1. Look at list of supported devices by MrChromebox
  2. Find info on write protection screw for Chromebook model here or search for it on Duckduckgo
  3. Enable Dev Mode on Chromebook
  4. Open the Chromebook and disable the write protection
  5. Flash bios
  6. Install OS
  7. Profit
  • First, find your Chromebook on MrChromebox website.
    Make sure one of the boxes is checked, if you are in the market to buy a Chromebook for this I would recommend making sure it has the UEFI Firmware box checked.

  • Now find where your write protection screw is. You can find info on Googles Dev info site here or just duckduckgo it for your machine.

  • Before we get to far into it, you need to enable dev mode. Simply press ESC+Refresh+Power, then when the recovery screen is up press CTRL+D. This will wipe the device and put it into Dev Mode, if you turn off your Chromebook before completing the bios flash you will have to press CTRL+D get passed the recovery screen.

  • Now open your Chromebook and loosen (no need to take it all the way out) the write protection screw, don’t put it all back together yet as you’ll want to retighten it when your done.

  • Boot into ChromeOS, open chrome and press CTRL+ALT+T then type ‘shell’. now in another tab go to mrchromebox’s ChromeOS Firmware Utility Script and copy the command and select 3 for full rom or 1 for legacy. Make sure to copy the original bios on a flash drive, this will be an option when your run the script. There is no going back to ChromeOS when this is done
    (well you can restore stock with the script as well, but if it bricks you have to do this via hardware)

  • For the OS, you can pretty much do whatever. For ease of use, GalliumOS is “built for” Chromebooks. You can do whatever to be honest. Gallium is built off of Xubuntu, with ChromeOS mouse drivers already there and the whole thing is “optimized” for running on your Chromebook.
    As you all know, you can do all this yourself on whatever distros you want, see the links for mouse drives and ideas for optimizations for Chromebooks.

  • Install and Profit.

do it

I have a samsung series 5 (I guess)

and mf is portable af, very good battery, only problem is chrome os

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100% agree. I am very sad that the ARM side of fully fledged Linux on Chromebooks was a nonstarter. I have a Asus flip that is the best mini computer, but chromeos… barf.

I’ll look into it, biggest thing is the CPU it seems. Intel has better support it seems than amd for the lowend stuff.

Although the r11 I have, which has Intel, is labeled as problematic when flashing a new BIOS… my hope is thats the windows side of the software and not a lower level issue

about ARM the problem itself is the architecture

neither windows nor linux have been truly engaged on it

but I bet windows will get there sooner

how about void linux? did they provide any love for chromebooks?

Also maturity… it is still, in its highest form yet presented, not the same super-scalar issue-width and as large of caches as Intel/AMD…

It’s getting closer, but…

Full happening

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that was easy, mind you not planing on staying on this but just seeing how performance is

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first impressions:
GalluimOS out of the box is pretty good, had to self install firefox and get ride of chromium. Been opening tabs and starting videos on youtube, though I have kept it at 5 tabs, its been as fast as ChromeOS. I will say that opening firefox it can take a millisecond longer than I would like, but that is close to ChromeOS.

The laptop, Dell P22T, has gotten a little warm after an hour of this subjective test. This is so minor that I was unsure if it was warm or it if its in my head however. For a fanless system that is meant for a much more restrictive OS, I am impressed. I will be using this for a few days, while I look into getting Arch ready… I may cheat with a script helper but I will be installing it close to pure as I want the lightest install I can get.

Will fill out the OP next week with a basic guide, more links, pics, and a Daily driver review of GalliumOS

I bricked the r11…I think… idk how cuz it worked with two test reboots, but when I came back the next day after it was charging the LEDs for power and screen itself do not turn on. The LED for battery will light up when charging and the usb ports are getting power.

Don’t have time for a deep dive into a cure, I do have a EEPROM BIOS USB Programmer CH341A/SOIC8 Clip/1.8V Adapter/SOIC8 Adapter kit coming from Cali (pray no flu) that I am hoping to use in libre/core booting. Going to use it to reflash the old BIOS at some point.

Dell is still kicking, using it and GalliumOS as a daily driver… with mixed results.

If anyone has some ideas for good tests to be done, drop them in here.

Ok made the guide, will post pics later

@dern0s, if your Chromebook is a “Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550” the mrchromebox script should work.

Should make a youtube for this…

sorry zuul, but…

jokes aside:

it’s my wife’s now, and for web based stuff it’s perfect, it just didn’t fit my needs back then, but even now chrome os would be ok

also it’s listed as orange or red on gallium’s page