The Desktop Wallpaper Thread

In this thread, you may share a wallpaper to used for desktops or as much as you want you would like to recommend to others, post a link to a wallpaper site. I recommend hosting your images elsewhere and posting the link to the image in this thread. That’s how I do it.

I’ll start. The following are all the wallpapers I’ve made in Chronological Order [These were made using video game screenshots, ReShade, Photoshop, and Lightroom in some cases. Some of the games are heavily modded. Some are just straight from the game] so far:

From when I started and had no idea to what I was doing:

Attempting to use Lightzone rather poorly in retrospec:

A Novice really trying to be good. This is where I tried to create statement pieces that people would use maybe as desktop wallpaper and go beyond just a screenshot:

I hacked my monitors to go beyond their set res, I don’t ever recommend anyone attempt doing this:

Sometimes I do stuff just for me like a wallpaper of my Ship in Star Trek Online The USS Crecy G

Hacking Monitors again. Seriously never do this.

Not Hacked Monitor

Hacked Monitor

This is where I started using Lightroom:

I stopped tricking my monitors into a high resolution

I’ll post more of my wallpapers later. I do plan to make more wallpapers very soon but first I want to get the ones I’ve done provide a link to them on this thread.


The rest of wallpapers I’ve made so far:

The future wallpapers I’ll be making will be at 3440x1440.


Damn dude, that’s a hell of a lot of wallpapers. This is some good shit.


Thanks. I’m lot better than when I first started.
It partly happened cause I wanted something I could use for my desktop. The problem with the ones I found at the time is the quality was poor or they didn’t have the resolution I want. So I went about making them. These are about 4 years worth of making wallpaper.

My inspiration for starting was Dead End Thrills:

It showed me you could make art out of video game screenshots. It is another type of photography though virtual in way.


Yeah, all that imgur compression on /r/wallpapers really killed it for me.

Those Mass Effect ones are really tickling my fancy :smiley:

Oh, BTW, Mass Effect is a pain in the ass with ultrawide monitors, so be ready to spend a while trying to figure it out. (maybe you and I could collab on an explainer thread if you want)


I’m not surprised by this. There are a few games that don’t support 21:9 3440x1440. As for Mass Effect, I’ve officially retired form replaying it and the series. I recently finished my 15th replay of the series. It is a shame how hard and fast Bioware fell.

For my next set of wallpapers I’m going to go with PREY 2017. I’m going to mod it to remove the HUD with this:

There is also Control which comes out in August which I plan to make wallpapers with but I like to play through a game first before I make wallpapers with it. I could do some for Quantum Break.


Damn. I’m not quite there yet.

Yeah, 2 was clearly the peak. There were good moments in 3, but the ending fell very flat.

We don’t even talk about Andromeda.


fight haxir iron%20man ironman ironmanboom ironmanboom2 ironmancool ironmanglass ironmanpowerup library


Back to Basics:



isn’t this a fedora wallpaper?

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Its the Fedora29 Wallpaper, my favourite so far.

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Lol I have the stock Debian wallpapers on my work VM. It’s legit

not my desktop


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I prefer the version without the splatter

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:pray: Beautiful :deb:

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Great wallpaper. It feels old now tho lol

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Special ReShade Preset I made being used to enhance the wallpaper:

warning this is a fuckload of papes

249%20-%20eFcrJaW 001%20-%20tvIjotQ 002%20-%200uCm4Sh 003%20-%20HuxODzP 004%20-%20fcw5Hdu 005%20-%20hYo1zjr 006%20-%20J4Rpg3A 007%20-%202cuT4WY 008%20-%20bw13vIF 009%20-%20oNq4iRg 010%20-%20e9H7OnW 011%20-%20jQ7ugDZ 012%20-%20JaZLhYX
024%20-%20dkHUY6R 013%20-%20kHZ4ByF 014%20-%20nhbIcpL 015%20-%20y3IGTvZ 016%20-%20YAyNMZ6 017%20-%20BCi4moB 018%20-%20CQAJJNF 019%20-%20ewTxJDC 020%20-%201jjdeih 021%20-%20ys8SKzD 022%20-%20yGqxJbE 023%20-%20Nl50UT0
042%20-%20WqOApCf 025%20-%20SLWSYiD 026%20-%20d6ayQil 027%20-%20FnNZdl5 028%20-%206vjQg4k 029%20-%20dTukXwX 030%20-%20dxeQViS 031%20-%20rfq5Wm9 032%20-%20iZkLs2G 033%20-%20doJvgnp 034%20-%20a4hJPvV 035%20-%20xbp5A5l 036%20-%20KHmh1cc 037%20-%203rN5erU 038%20-%20Eyxcx2g 039%20-%20kREnvqF 040%20-%20mdwQup9 041%20-%20J8dSiP8
066%20-%20fVPlVfE 043%20-%207mrj1rS 044%20-%20nbiVQln 045%20-%20ZOveUVe 046%20-%20W3jl6lm 047%20-%20UFGXZpW 048%20-%20YsYOoxt 049%20-%20hyEgZTc 050%20-%20pcgChtU 051%20-%20YLAzsSp 052%20-%20n48PEks 053%20-%20bJw8uUn 054%20-%20guodL45 055%20-%20b690cOO 056%20-%20FmJyDlO 057%20-%20LkWYwxO 058%20-%20LbhafRH 059%20-%20QskLPqV 061%20-%20YJFpB6y 063%20-%204r8DiSr 064%20-%20woRqPuy
074%20-%20XlqzqVn 065%20-%20AeGBdSl 066%20-%20fVPlVfE 067%20-%20Zq6Hl5w 068%20-%20lFIdE7N 069%20-%20rpHOnSU 070%20-%20UcIuDsj 071%20-%20a7GJscF 072%20-%20usw1D3L 073%20-%20z2FSBRi
090%20-%20F7qvu7P 075%20-%20u4KHm69 076%20-%20WZfyiM0 077%20-%20hzHqxES 078%20-%203Bd2p0f 079%20-%20mF4ZLdH 080%20-%20AEGLZxV 081%20-%20vIJoxtv 082%20-%20dBSQlYw 083%20-%206DDGy3o 084%20-%20MDyT3Vg 085%20-%20yiXkuGx 086%20-%20nLxTY7f 087%20-%20UqoiHPt 088%20-%20vpkrGld 089%20-%20YL56BrG
108%20-%20KN4Elso 091%20-%20eJUmk2q 092%20-%20gQrvuMj 093%20-%205Ey4CdF 050%20-%20pcgChtU 095%20-%20cH6rwnZ 096%20-%20OkfCt07 097%20-%20n3gfFuY 098%20-%20YMFph2b 099%20-%20NhMiFfD 100%20-%20x3eBX4Z 101%20-%20LbGTdHo 102%20-%200zXFRpu 103%20-%201a5RkpT 104%20-%20Z9ro2Np 105%20-%20XyjrNp8 106%20-%20Dj3ZKqF 107%20-%20rWBITuK
126%20-%20jGpQak2 109%20-%204IPl9zR 110%20-%20p2c1iyA 111%20-%20e276vcU 112%20-%20BHYUFsX 113%20-%20II3ONOD 114%20-%20onl9q2b 115%20-%20YkR8YNL 116%20-%20ztK0xPv 117%20-%20X2LYD8i 118%20-%20qexk2VQ 119%20-%20ywrEeXk 120%20-%20MtNEhFJ 121%20-%20DvUZaIy 122%20-%2094FvkHh 123%20-%20GFLE8OJ 124%20-%20dXvOkYX 125%20-%20AiJ0oLo
144%20-%208Nl1R2P 127%20-%20308wg5B 128%20-%20J3QuuCv 129%20-%209DLSzbt 130%20-%20KfUnI8g 131%20-%20TAXYQ8p 132%20-%20gwTQdAI 133%20-%20kgh6NbC 134%20-%20T5qQ8Ad 135%20-%20uEF6ZEp 136%20-%20Ddc8Ic4 137%20-%20kJc9iPp 138%20-%20QtmlUXz 139%20-%20AvZE820 140%20-%201GksMxs 141%20-%2006R9QFF 142%20-%20tDv9oYS 143%20-%20DDyhf1B 162%20-%20DTT8Hqu 145%20-%208C9Agmd 146%20-%20pFioeEB 147%20-%20ORUJDVf 148%20-%20bbuaItO 149%20-%20IUeM3C9 150%20-%20SbHfg1Y 151%20-%20bszZ5al 152%20-%207Sem8xV 153%20-%20YqOvFKU 154%20-%20aMbD00E 155%20-%202TyPSTH 156%20-%204DDSMtj 157%20-%20n6UYTBa 158%20-%20ewB1Flf 159%20-%206gKkC1W 160%20-%20ZNWWaEo
174%20-%207D3bk85 161%20-%20Luhdzaf 162%20-%20DTT8Hqu 163%20-%20274UtJf 164%20-%20D4S0jN5 165%20-%20m1Jj45Q 166%20-%20tv80T9Q 167%20-%208EIsBYo 168%20-%20u9072xd 169%20-%20ywrcvcH 170%20-%20TW9qjH9 171%20-%20DiBMOsZ 172%20-%20phskRfc 173%20-%20f1dLbcE
192%20-%201chobpr 175%20-%2084dPzeN 176%20-%20GKshfun 177%20-%205c4pUEt 178%20-%20e4SKAKL 179%20-%20vgu9DZC 180%20-%20zajPpRP 181%20-%20K4aydsD 182%20-%20pW0XI6i 183%20-%20cZRn9rz 184%20-%20eOyCVCe 185%20-%203eXZ0PY 186%20-%205yiMyhb 187%20-%20Vw3xtBE 188%20-%2058U2P5M 189%20-%20hyMFtYi 191%20-%20MAfakJd
204%20-%20s9eahem 192%20-%201chobpr 193%20-%20v35zhRd 194%20-%20Pbc5Kfz 195%20-%20mjljyOP 196%20-%20FGZFTR6 197%20-%20GdnTfdQ 198%20-%20zTh9Evs 199%20-%20YqyieMX 200%20-%20kC2nTfK 201%20-%20nobp2J0 202%20-%20sJBwAaN 203%20-%20VJIe3uf
216%20-%206lfOz8j 205%20-%2042jDtfY 206%20-%209xS972j 207%20-%20PS6JBbk 208%20-%20Ezwf5YW 209%20-%20zeHw1pU 210%20-%20kUWVlSy 211%20-%20hh5ZOFF 212%20-%20oNTA8pt 213%20-%20YMMqQb5 214%20-%204mRuIXS 215%20-%20P3tZLrs
228%20-%20OXvZhGh 217%20-%20ZkHOeHK 218%20-%20nxo9Cmk 219%20-%20bfOfhVu 220%20-%201idaFUJ 221%20-%20E1YrLqI 222%20-%20cXSDwim 223%20-%20HfpWJ4h 224%20-%20lFnhngF 225%20-%20objXXAG 226%20-%20vDCRUeE 227%20-%20WfTSbgG
240%20-%20cYPH5eY 229%20-%207aE6ngt 230%20-%20bY6wKbZ 231%20-%20kKSLT0y 232%20-%20Do6aPuG 233%20-%200figVCJ 234%20-%200T3jXWS 235%20-%20VuzFHqg 236%20-%20fxwNpXW 237%20-%20YYlfE4Q 238%20-%20V7v9P00 239%20-%204pLjVAc
249%20-%20eFcrJaW 241%20-%20hxwI2qm 052%20-%20n48PEks 243%20-%2083nHqfN 244%20-%203I3bY3G 245%20-%20OfI5Zwd 246%20-%20GL9mN9F 247%20-%209VbXF2a 248%20-%20BwPjOV8


God damn, there’s a lot of awesome backgrounds there.