The effects of artificial sweetener on the body

stop drinking fake sugar it’s as bad as sugar if not worse afaik


It has no glycemic index which real sugar does. yes its not good but its not as worse.

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no, while I don’t care enough to dig atm, I know that many zero-calories sugar replacements have bad side-effects, so I’ll stick to sugar, thanks. At least the worst thing sugar does is calories.

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Aspartame has zero to no side effects in normal doses, I’ve researched this extensively.
I’m willing to dig for sources, papers and all that good stuff, but only if people are genuinely interested, which I doubt they are.


I am interested, but atm not willing to go into it. I’ll try to dig a bit too some time.


please fight this fight for me, thanks.



Aspartame is bad for the brain

Other artificial sweeteners can also cause the body to react to them as if they were sugar because of how close they are molecularly… though I forget which ones exactly. Not as bad as sugar but its not ‘no side effects’ either


thank you :wink:

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And for me at least, the majority of body fat.

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am skinny so far, so I’ll take direct sugar injections into blood stream over fake stuff

metabolisms slow down…

Aspartame is probably one of the safer substances you’re consuming during your day.

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I’m not consuming any of it. If others are, thats fine. I’m not going to pretend to know more about it than the people in the study I linked though. They concluded the way its metabolized affected the brain negatively. So what I’ve learned is its not that bad for you but its also not the perfect substitute.

I’m sure its not bad, and of all the things bookr is putting in himself aspartame probably is the least of his problems but its his body so I’ll let him do as he feels he wants to.

Also I was thinking of sucralose in that your body still acts as if its sugar and thats the only one though some of them do raise your insulin levels as well.

they show the molecules there.

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Everything is relative (or is it? Quantum intensifies)

When the overwhelming research shows that aspartame is damn safe to consume, I’m gonna listen to that instead of “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams”

The ridiculousness when speaking of things like this Iis perspective, so here’s a random list of things that’s gonna cause you bigger health problems than aspartame:

  • bacon
  • red meat
  • sugar
  • dairy
  • Trans-fat

It’s nothing but willful conspiracy ignorance.

Did you see the link to the study I posted? Its not from conspiracy. If you dont want to accept it, thats fine, I just thought it was disingenuous to say there no side effects to it.


Spatial orientation was weaker and irritability and depression were more frequent after high-aspartame consumption than low aspartame consumption when subjects served as their own controls.

Investigators who previously had explored the neurobehavioral effects of aspartame consumption did not control the effects of non-study food and beverage intakes in their participants’ diets or administered single-dose treatments, such as aspartame-sweetened beverages or capsules, followed by cognition, mood, and/or depression testing

Nonetheless, because there are relatively few clinical studies of the neurobehavioral aspects of short-term aspartame consumption and the results of these are conflicting, additional research is warranted to assess the safety of aspartame consumption and its implications for health.

Bad for the brain ey?

I suggest that you read some of the ones I posted before drawing that conclusion.

I am though I’m looking for more scientific sources

Everything I posted is either a scientific study, or references one.

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thats what I mean, going straight to the source studies