The Great Hard Drive Recovery Saga

The DDRescue Saga begins!

Patient presents as 1TB Seagate 2.5in internal hard drive. SMART tests indicate 600 reallocated sectors, 1800 bad sectors, 1 year, 5 months power-on time. Patient removed from 3 year old ASUS laptop, running Windows 10. Disk, when connected to recovery workstation, shows valid GPT, no partitions.

DDRescue to disk image started at 1823 GMT, currently rescued 19% of disk, 296 read errors. Initial DDRescueView analysis indicates platter damage.

Attaching current progress screenshot:

Backstory: One of my students brought me this hard drive. He’s not sure what’s happened to it, nor am I. He’s super poor, but he’s got a lot of OpenCV code on there that would take months to restore, so what I’ve agreed to do is get him a 500GB SSD (just a samsung sata) and attempt to recover the data from the disk. He’s one of the program’s most promising programmers, I don’t want him to have one bad experience ruin computers for him.


[after the fact smug wisdom about backups intensifies]


Damn! Am I reading that right in that you’re recovering his data with platter damage?

Need a donation or anything?

Zoomed in SS of those two error areas.

Trying to. I’ve always been fascinated with data recovery.

I’m doing everything DriveSavers would do, short of a platter swap.

I think he’ll be fine. I set him up with a 500GB SSD and we installed Windows on the machine last night.

Appreciate the offer tho.


I keep nagging my daughters on this point… They roll their eyes…


In Geek Squad, we had a tool to do that lol. Rubber bands and cotton swabs, mostly.

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Show them this.

Then hook them up with a BackBlaze account.


You have a case study ITT :sunglasses:

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They’re spoiled by walking into Dad’s house and having time-machine work its magic in the background…


Theres a gui to ddrescue?

I’ve got a spare 1tb mechanical I could part with if hes that poor.

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I don’t have a clean enough room, plus, I think the platter is the issue. It reads at 105MB/s when it’s going through the solid green areas.


He doesn’t need the space, just something to store code on.

Of course, I’m taking a risk in giving him an SSD. I can’t recover those lol

I’m going to make sure he checks everything into our gitlab server from now on.


Not always required! Podnutz had a great breakdown on this several years ago, but! To your point:

wouldn’t solve the issue.

Is it doing the temp calibrate thing where the heads bounce back to park repeatedly or did he just crash sectors?

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did I ever tell you how beautiful you are? Like seriousy, can we fuck?


You bottom?

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Well, that’s not creepy, but I second the sentiment that sarge, despite his best intentions of a rough persona is a beautiful person…


I think he dropped the laptop and crashed heads.

DDRescue would wait on the calibrate thing.

big oof… spinning rust in mobile in $CURRENT_YEAR… but… poor… I get it.

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Well, he bought it himself 3 years ago when he was 14. Not a bad laptop for a 14 year old kid. quad core i7, 1060m, etc…

I think he skimped on the disk because he wanted the performance.