The Library

The idea is simple. Upload your digital, DRM Free, books here

After personal inspection, they will be available here

I will have to work on organization as I go.


Hey, this is cool! Big THUMBS UP from me on this :+1:



Also the second link is 404ing.

I’ll fix when I get home.

EDIT should be fixed now

Ive added the first books to the collection.

This is the very definition of piracy. :open_mouth:

Cool, having a library now do I close the E-Book thread? Your idea makes more sense.

Pirates steal. What this is, is a collecting the copies of all owned books in a central place. Which by most people is called a library.

If you donate a copy of a book to a library and that copy is taken by another person, does that mean that the one who took the book committed a theft or in other terms piracy?

I suppose it could be misconstrued that way. Right now its just giving a book to a friend to read.



Libraries lend books. This is sharing copies without a license to do so. Also, none of the people here are going to return the books, are they, because of the nature of the file sharing itself.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t care. I just legally obtained a movie to watch. I’m not moralizing or anything, I’m just pointing out. If it’s ok with Papadev, sure.
I’ll be lending the Powershell and Python humble bundles in a bit. Just as soon as I organize the titles of the Python books.
@Adubs Can I upload the whole folders or do I have to rar them?

I’m not sure what the limitations of nextcloud are. Give it a shot and let me know.

Wait they do ? All the libraries I visited were nearly free ( 3 bucks a year ).

I didn’t know you need a license to give your friends a copy of a book.

Lets not worry too much about the legality of these things as article 13 made sharing of kewldudes meme arsenal technically illegal (for some of you) too.

I just want to share knowledge…


i hope you like weeb shit

Go for it

i already did

This prevents me to see what you have uploaded :angry:

It’s for security. Don’t want them backdoors.

I am gonna backdoor ur ass

That would be redundant

what the fuck do I even file this under?