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I’m making this thread to serve as a trashcan for poorly written or conceived questions, that don’t have a clear answer, or have been written in a way to be obscenely obtuse and misleading.

The only requirement to this thread is that all proposed questions need to have a “correct answer” that can be provided by the OP, and enough given variables to be able to solve that question. Try to stay away from questions that have answers based in opinion or speculation. You may be asked to explain your answer.

Accepting all stupid questions from all subjects! Go!


I’ll kick it off. Multiple choice.

Q. Imagine that you are a landscape designer planning a map of trees and shrubs for a residential client. The client lives approximately 70’ from a typical transmission line (blue) on the Eastern side of the house, and 50’ from distribution lines (red) on the other sides. Tree D, located in the northwest corner of the map, is a Montmorency Cherry. What minimum distance from the closest distribution line should Tree D be placed so that it is not removed?

A. 6’ from the center of the tree
B. 12’ from the center of the tree
C. 35’ from the center of the tree
D. 40’ from the center of the tree

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Here’s another one. The math be “correct” but his assumptions make his answer incorrect in a real world scenario.

He may be majoring in physics, but his common sense is out of whack.

A: Nobody cooks their chicken to 400°F. Minimum internal temperature for chicken to be cooked safely is 165°F. This is widely known thing, and easily searchable.

B: Nobody cooks their chickens from frozen to fully cooked. Again, widely known and easily searchable.


Way back when I did a write up on how using defoliant on bananas would stop radical Islam.


I’m sorry but… what? I need to read that lol

It is somewhere on blue forum. I can’t find it which bums me out it was a rather lengthy shit post.

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Settled science shut up. :wink:

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Yes but he makes no mention of duration; 165 and immediately off the heat doesn’t make it cooked :thinking:

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Yeah, it seems like more complex math is needed for this problem…

Not to mention the chicken and your hand would be obliterated.

Well, I believe he was calculating the cumulative energy imparted to the bird to be cooked… However, yes - his ACKTUALLY was full of holes…

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In the state of Texas when you register a company vehicle on line you get $1 credited back as a discount. This is not done at the time of purchase but as a seperate charge. If are doing this registration for a company owned vehicle now you have to add a line item on expense reports for that dollar credit.

Let look at this in detail:

There are 22 million vehicles registered in the state of Texas. About 5% are owned by companies. That is 1.1 million vehicles. Let’s say it takes an extra 4 mintues to add a line item.

That is 73 thousand lost man hours per year due to some one not being code a discount at time of checkout.

This doesn’t even take into account the extra accounting time this must add to the Department of Public Safety and at the Tax Assessor’s office or each company’s internal audits.


State government? Seems perfectly sound to me /s

When I had to renew my registration on my car, I payed with credit card. They charged me a flat “convenience” fee of $4 for using a credit card, and they also charge 5.65% of the total amount of the transaction just for using your credit card. Both the convenience fee and the percentage fee go away if you pay in cash.

Fucking scumbags…

It gets even better:

The average Texas hourly wage is $17.6 (low estimate because those who do business reports normally would make more than that) Multiply that to the 73 thousand man hours and about 1.3 million dollars is wasted every year due to this.

Is this the prologue to your book, “Lesser’s Survival Guide To Overthrowing Local and State Governments”?

I like “Governments, What are they good for?” as the title for my book.

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