The Natural State

I went exploring the great outdoors a few days ago. Spent some time in The Natural State: Arkansas.

It was my first time not with my parents out doing all that jazz, and it was a really good experience. My wife is wanting to travel more, so for her birthday I took her to some cool places in Little Rock.

Pictures incoming.


This was a little place that had dirt and plants. It was really serene and the people were nice.


IMG_20190923_141542 IMG_20190923_141555 IMG_20190923_141712 IMG_20190923_141823 IMG_20190923_141734 IMG_20190923_141728 IMG_20190923_142040 IMG_20190923_141405 IMG_20190923_141750 IMG_20190923_141123


This was an Irish Pub we found, Cregeen’s. It was legit and we had a helluva time.

Manly things

IMG_20190923_170123 IMG_20190923_170533 IMG_20190923_170140 IMG_20190923_170418 IMG_20190923_170131 IMG_20190923_170040 IMG_20190923_175429 IMG_20190923_170147 IMG_20190923_170048 IMG_20190923_170211 IMG_20190923_170045 IMG_20190923_170206 IMG_20190923_170101 IMG_20190923_170246 IMG_20190923_170236 IMG_20190923_170118 IMG_20190923_170410


The hotel we stayed at and Bill Clinton’s sexphone Saxophone.

IMG_20190923_201658 IMG_20190924_101722 IMG_20190924_093202 IMG_20190923_182341 IMG_20190924_102557 IMG_20190924_101734

The great outdoors

IMG_20190924_123518 IMG_20190924_123741 IMG_20190924_123509_1 IMG_20190924_123511 IMG_20190924_123632 IMG_20190924_123520 IMG_20190924_123522 IMG_20190924_123509 IMG_20190924_123722 IMG_20190924_123701 IMG_20190924_123703


Looks nicer than I would have thought. I need to go check that place out and bring some shrooms, lol. It think it’s a 9 hour drive

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Did you go to a National Park?

It was five and a half for us. Definitely worth it. Going back soon.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

I must say, your wife has a most impressive beard! Well done sir, Great choice!

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Heyo, she stole my phone :wink:

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Great comeback!

I was debating saying something like “Hi, nice forum you have here” then leading on to, “Crikey, what a pleasant place to take a trip” regarding the nature pics, which do look awesome, by the way, before comenting on the beard…

But then I thought :man_shrugging: YOLO, if I got banned for overly casual comments towards forum owner I don’t really know, then hey ho…

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That’s the only way to fly :metal:

You aren’t at risk at getting banned here unless you explicitly break the rules – Even then we’ll let you know “Hey breh, that’s not cool.” a few times before we log you off or suspend you :wink:

Thanks for joining, though! Appreciate the feedback too :grin:

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And I guess before drastic actions, there is also the Mute button, quietly sitting there waiting

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Looks gorgeous!

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