The Razors Edge

Where do you land on the scale of Tom Cruise to Gentoo Aficionado?

What’s your daily shave? Are you an Electric Peasant? A Cartridge Pleb? A Safety Savant, or a Straightedge Sultan?

Here, we’re talking everything grooming.

Looking to get into wetshaving? I’ll make a recommendation soon, trying to put a kit together now.


Gentoo aficionado braun series 3 pleb

Patchy af.

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Just shy of Wendell,

Safety Savant.

Using Feather blades with Col Conk bayrum daily. Replace blade every Monday.

Behold my Mühle R89


Still using pleb level shaving foam, getting into shaving soap soon™.


It’s so nice dude. No more irritation.

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Have a tendency to cut myself around my chin too, hope it helps with that.

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Proper lubrication will allow you to use less pressure. Less pressure means less chance for cutting.

you dont have to do this man, we care about you. theres more xeons out there.


I have the full berserker beard (what british people call a person with brown hair with a red or reddish beard), that I mostly just trim with a machine and scissor. Don’t tend to clean shave since I don’t wanna look 16 in my late twenties haha.

I wish I had more Xeons.

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Cartridges, have to be able use respirator at work so I stay smooth.

I just use hot water.


I electric razor my neck, and keep a neat trim on the beard.

Usually about the same length as this guy, with the lazy neck stubble when I don’t feel like keeping it trimmed.

I was previously rocking that full beard (for those who may remember, I had the title of “German Commander Ryker” so that’s more my kind of facial hair.

But since it was so hot a couple of weeks ago I shaved it all off and now after almost 3 weeks I’m back into heavy heavy stubble and maybe looking for keeping the “beard” at some mm of growth but no idea how to do that.

the great thing about full beards is that you can be somewhat lazy with them.

anybody can recommend some utility for keeping the growth at bay and trimming reliably for a set parameter?

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I don’t really have many tips for maintenance. I usually set my hair clippers to a 2 or 3 length for the entire beard, then free hand trim the neck line to prevent the flared-out look when you tuck your chin to your chest.

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hmmm… okay, maybe I need to read into that. What I kinda want is a trimmer with a offset for a couple of mms to keep tidy but also to be somewhat idiot proof because I’m operating it.

Interested in personal hygiene, but not gonna stop until:


About half way there (beard wise).


This is me too, though I let it grow out a tab bit longer.

Edit: Shouldn’t OP put up a poll?

am electric peasant unless something ludicrously important happens

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We could do that.