The Razors Edge

I look like an 80 year old child if I shave my beard. electric peasant

Show us the beard

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it’s nothing special, I do shave. I just dont shave it off. I’ve been keeping it short recently.

Suggestion maybe at the top of thread you could have a lists of sites to buy the products from.

The TLDR: This is what I got

On to what I have. I recently switched to the safety razor.

Why the switch? Dorco the place I bought disposables from is going to be exclusive through Amazon and I don’t know if the quality will be as good. I consider electric but that cost to much and seems like a money pit in maintenance. So I decided why not just go old school.

The travel safety razor from Dorco [Was my starting one] - The Dorco Prime
You’ve already seen it. How is it as a starter. My only complaint is its short on the handle. The Blades it came with can be used three times. I do need to get better blades. Suggestions are welcome.

The better safety razor from The Blades Grim - I’ve been using the cream from The Blades Grim for a short while so when I found out they had made a safety razor I had to get it:

I haven’t used it yet. I just got it today. I’m going to use it with the blades the place I bought all this stuff from. Also I got a Shaving mug. It holds this razor for now.

Brush, Stand for brush and razor [it doesn’t fit either razor I have], Shaving Soap, Shaving Cream:

Tragically the stand doesn’t fit either razor but hey it holds the brush. So why did I get Shaving Soap if I use cream? To try it and see if I like it better or not.

Pre Shave Oil and After Shave

If I’m going to use a safety razor I might as well do it right. I got Pre Shave Oil and a different After Shave. Yes I know how to use both. Also featured what is now my Travel Safety Razor.

Feather Blades and Dorco Prime Blades:

I do need better blades. I’m going to try the Feather Blades [They came free with all the stuff I bought] with The Blades Grim Safety Razor. Any recommendations you guys might have are welcome. I do have sensitive skin.


These are the absolute best ones imho.


Pro-tip: when you change blades, put the old one in the paper the new one came in, that way you can safely throw it in the trash.

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I was wondering if there was a better way then put it in that thin slot for the used ones. This is a great tip.

I have a can of beans that I welded the top back on to and cut a slot in the top of. Put my blades in there.

That way, if someone’s rooting around in the trash, they don’t get cut by a blade when I throw them away.

Upside, each blade bank, as it were, should last you approximately 30-40 years.

I don’t like throwing them in the trash in the paper they came in, simply because they can definitely cut someone pretty badly.

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I recently got some supplies as I noted in the Stuff You Bought thread, but today I got a shaving bowl and aftershave moisturising balm. The bowl surprisingly made making a lather much easier and the balm has left my skin feeling amazing.



What balm are you using?

I gotta know. I grow hair like crazy one day and I already have non sharp feeling whiskers if you know what I mean… Helps if I dont have my skin all messed up and what not

What do you shave with? Using a cartridge razor fucks with some guys skin really bad.

Unfortunately just your run of the mill Gillete ProShield 5 blade…

I honestly need to get a real mans shaving kit

Check out Prime Day. See what they’ve got available. I’m sure there something. I’d recommend checking out a safety razor for now.

Will do. Ive heard of those … my friend recommended me this… know anything about it?

Feather blades are more or less the gold standard for safety razors. They’re what I use. You can’t get razor blades straight from the hardware store, they’re not sharpened the right way.

I don’t really have any recommendations for a razor itself, since I’m using a hand-me-down Gillette from my grandfather, so…

LOL… ive considered the safety razor… He said to get a bevel kit with it… something about really balanced weight…

I guess he gave good advice on this



I have a prime account so I could get it literally quick and with the whole foods I have a local source of the bronners stuff

That would be me. I switched to electric a while back. They don’t ever get close enough, but at least I don’t look like I’m breaking out in a rash when I’m done.

Maybe safety razor is the way to go? Idk, I’m lazy.

Ive never gotten razor bumps. What I get is just a rash … thats flat and sometimes flaky… Electrics are nice they dont get close enough which keep its from being itchy or a rash … they are kind of nice but nothing is like a barber with a true razor… I fucking love that


with turkish soap. face, chest, arms, etc etc, I sharpen and straddle my own blade too, I dont like trimming for an hour then shaving, one swoop and maybe little flesh paste, I can get it whacked off of a mo’vember in about 20 minutes, especially on the road.