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Here you can share what interesting books (fiction and non-fiction) you’re currently reading, want to read, have read…
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Couple of days ago I finished the Bobiverse Trilogy. It is a light-hearted read with similar humor style as Weir’s The Martian, and references to popular sci-fi series (Star Trek and Star Wars) so if you are in for something casual to read I would recommend giving it a go.


About to start the Honor Trilogy. Not sure if I’m getting that right…

This is the first one. Wanting to get more into Sci-Fi. Finishing up The Halfling’s Gem right now by R.A. Salvatore then going to put fantasy on the back burner for a bit and stick with either modern stuff (Dresden Files) or Sci-Fi.


Well to the fans it is refereed to as the Honorverse. Just so you know it isn’t a triolgy… it’s a saga of 14 books now:

Also if you don’t mind used Thriftbooks is good stuff [I’ve gotten most of my books there]:

I’ve “read” books 1 to 8. I say read cause I just listened to the audiiobook. I’d buy it from Amazon Audible and listen to them. The Narrator is really good as Honor and her range is pretty solid on the other characters.

On the first book I gave the following non spoiler reviewer

I was looking for a military sci-fi book to read. This was recommended to me by a friend. Honor is an interesting character. A minor grip I have is that somethings the story slows down when something cans explain in great detail like how a technology came about. Whenever it happened, I always wondered why? Then when it comes back to the story I realize why. This story does have solid moments. There is good character development, the stakes are very real, and I was satisfied with how it ended. I’m planning on reading the next book. Not sure if I will keep reading the series but that will be determined on if I enjoy the next book or not.

I did keep at the series and I still plan on ‘reading’ the rest of the series. The author spends a great deal of time of explain tech in the first book and looking back I understand better now why. In the later books he doesn’t cause he expects you as the reader will likely have read the first book so you’ll know what it is. The series so far has been a good space military series.

Interesting fact: A TV series and movie have been pitched for the series but nothing has happened yet. I’d go for show cause there are a lot of books a movie couldn’t cover the whole depth of politics and other stuff that happens.

TLDR: I’ve read that book. I liked it. I’ve read books 1 to 8 and liked them. I plan to keep reading the series.


Last night I finished this:

It’s the first time I am reading something of this sort but I like the guy and decided to give it a go. I remember the time I saw a Myth Busters episode for the first time. I was immediately hooked.

The book is not a complete autobiography. He talks more about his journey through different projects, his workshop philosophy, the steps from forming an idea and its materialization in the physical world and his general love for making.

I would’ve liked if there were a bit more photos of his work, notebook and various projects.

I would recommend this book if you are interested in some form of making, diy or creative processes. The tips given in it can also be applied to different aspects of life not only making.

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My latest reading of books:



How did you like Extreme Ownership?

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What I liked is that it mirrored a lot advice that you can use in business with what Jocko and Leif have learned in combat, grounding in a field that allows “no errors” (errors = dead people).

Overall the message of the book is aligned with mostly what I’ve read so far from Peterson, O’Reilly, Ravikant in which it mostly is:

  • Get your shit together, you own personality and what it is that makes you and what is about you that is bad and that makes you feel weak / shatters your integrity
  • If you want to / have to lead you have to align who you are completely with your mission objective
  • It’s your fault, doesn’t matter what happens, figure out what you can do to improve and do it. Either you get rewarded short term or long term.
  • State clearly & exactly what you demand of others and why - people you lead and people who lead you - take responsibility for everything you do

To add something from other sources:

  • Play long term games with long term people - better to have fewer people in your vicinity than a lot of people who you cannot rely on
  • High Intelligence - High Energy - High Integrity: three things that is impossible to substitute for any other attributes in your corp
  • Rational Optimism - See the world and the problems for what they are, thinking them true to the end and find a possible solution and then act on it.

Im thinking about to write all of this up, I feel like, after a lot of us are reading more or less the same books on the same topics to work towards aligned goals, to write all of those tips up and collaborate on a full list that everyone of us can check on a daily basis to see if you (just like me) are staying on the path or slipping off of it.

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New book


Michael Warren Lucas made a recommendation for a series on Twitter. Normally, I don’t buy into that sort of stuff. But, the genre he mentioned was interesting, especially for him, so I was curious. I looked into it and it was insanely difficult to find, but I managed to find the books on Amazon.

The books in the series I looked at received raving, stellar reviews. So I bought the first three. Should be here before Monday. I’ll dig in and post some reviews here. Urban Fantasy is something I don’t quite vibe with, in theory, but the actual stories I’ve read have been fantastic.

So, we’ll see what happens.

I’ve been reading this guy’s blog/novel series

Its a fictional boogaloo involving ebola outbreak in the US.

I’ve read an Urban Fantasy series:
The October Daye Series

I haven’t read book 12 or 13 yet.

How is it:
I have serious issues with the writing style. Some of it is trash. Yet the concept is good and the series has good moments. I’m still planning to read 12 and 13. If you read it… just be prepared with low exceptions.

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Finished Fahrenheit 415, thinking of digging into some classical shit.



What would you read first? Thinking of meditations, but wanted to read The Republic for some time now.

  • The Republic - Plato
  • Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

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The Republic.

Marcus Aurelius will tell you to stop reading books in Meditations. Don’t listen.

Sounds like I need to read him first then :stuck_out_tongue:

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This looks too complicated for me but if I had to choose I would go with Plato.

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I’m starting this tonight


> Collaborative


> Capitalism

no, go to goolagle

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First I read WTF?: What’s the Future and Why It’s Up to Us by THE Tim O’Reilly and it was very interesting and eye-opening in terms of how much different it is to make a product or service in our time. So this book Peers Inc: How People and Platforms Are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism by THE Robin Chase (girl Found of ZipCar) (ZipCar similar to Uber or Lyft but way way earlier) which is on the similar Topic of how to create a sustainable business in this trying time.

because I need to make legit money my dude

I am getting into philosophy and probably gonna roll that road, always couldn’t care less about money past having my needs covered.

while being rich is great, I wanna feel purpose, and I lack that, maybe reading some old shit, and thinking on it will help me see what I really like. coz I have so many ideas what would be cool to dedicate myself, but cannot commit to single one.

idk :man_shrugging:

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do it! sounds like a solid plan!

Do share your thoughts on your reading material, it’s always interesting to discuss those old but golden ideas and philosophies.

I read a bunch of classical stuff back in the day. I now wanna focus on wealth, maybe not directly money, but I want to work, I need to work and I have to make an impact.

Everything else is not scratching the itch. As fas as I’m concerned, I know where to go:

Business Land of the Economies

(but have no clue due to no education so reading a lot and hoping to not fuck myself :man_shrugging:)

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