Token home lab

I want to be like admindev when I grow up, so investing in a better home lab. Honestly, you can successfully home lab with far less, for less, and have less stuff as a burden (such has having to move). Hindsight says to just get a good Synology and some Intel nucs, one could have a great setup that sips power and could even reside in your battle station desk. One can even be more minimal and just use aws. That said, I like old enterprise stuff, maybe I’ll grow out of it someday.

Retiring the old rig

Failed attempt of making a wall mount filtered and quieter


Some jerry rigging an intake pipe with filter

It just wasn’t going to meet my goals without a lot more effort, so scored on what I think as a sick deal and got a silent rack, xrackpro and APC 3000


Initially will run FreeNAS and esxi to play with iscsi, nfs and get some home services back up and running from the v1 lab (Plex, splunk, smb share) and expand into much more.


Nice! Where does that tube go? Aircon system?


Hoping having a 48 core workstation with 64GB of RAM will stop the need for hardware, but for now it’s been a blast :sunglasses:

When you guys run file servers, how is it managed? By that I mean do you do more than just mount a directory or rsync data for storing?

Token be like:




Just to an air filter located low towards the ground to grab cool air vs. attic air.

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I wish, but this old enterprise stuff is actually pretty low on core count vs. what AMD is spitting out these days. All the more reason to go consumer these days, though what Enterprise still has going for it is price (stuff is really cheap on eBay) and its built to run 24/7, very reliable.

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No answer now- part of the purpose of the lab is to start dabbling with this stuff, and some of the various webGUI tools I’ve seen for managing servers.

Also found a cool reddit post of a person using Splunk to monitor.

There has been a lot of cool server monitoring tools that I have had to skip over- but not any longer :wink:

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