Trying to create a RTMP server for extralife charity stream

Obviously this is a little outdated… but Im doing it for the kids (or raise money for the kids)

I was able to setup the RTMP (extrapolating the data for current versions) … but not actually able to test if its working yet. since I have to stream stuff to it and then connect OBS to it to see if its working…

Any tips/pointers?

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I’ve been able to get one stream working.

Not able to do lots of stress testing without more hardware.

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Interesting. I’ve never set anything like this up before. Curious to see the setup!

What would you like to see?

Fedora 30



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Docker has a few RTMP-NGINX containers and you can also have the same server provide a streaming feed with another docker container.

I went the docker route because of I didn’t want to deal with updating NGINX manually.

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I do it the manual way because I don’t trust most people on the internet

You basically:
install some packages
wget two files
make install
Set up the nginx config
Open a firewall port
Start daemon

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The fundraising is going well…