TV Shows - The general thread.

A few disclaimers:
This is a general thread for discussing various TV shows on the fly. Stuff you’d like to see, dislike, recommend, whatever.
If a word or two is said about movies, I won’t mind. It’s not a dictatorship unless I become a leader.
Use “spoiler” or “hide details” tags if you’re discussing any story lines and events in the TV shows. Also it would be helpful to note which TV shows the spoilers mention so as people not click and get a nasty surprise.
I’ll start!

Some of the longer running TV shows I watch are NCIS, which has consistently been on an exactly same quality level forever. I know there's more than a few "wtf is this shit" in the show, but it has aged quite well and I've enjoyed watching it since season 3 or 4 onward. The other long running show I'm watching is Family guy. And yes. I agree it stopped being hilarious after season 6 or so, but I still watch it for continuity sake. Why McFarlane doesn't just end it and make proper time for Orville, I have no idea. Haven't seen it yet, but I heard it's quite funny.

Besides that I stopped watching a bunch of shows because I tend to get obsessed and lose precious time. I have since switched to mini series or “few seasons few episodes” type of content. My favorite show by far is Seinfeld, because it’s simple, relatable and funny.
So here’s a list of TV shows I watched that have really impressed me in recent times:

  • The Boys
  • Chernobyl - Also has a short podcast discussing series vs. reality (fantastic insights by the writer/producer/director of the show)
  • Jack Ryan - Tom Clancy :two_hearts:
  • Man in the High Castle - Final season about to be released on Nov 15th
  • Taboo - Spectacular if a bit weird with Tom Hardy
  • Carnival Row - About ferries and men and coexisting. A bit of a romance flick but has plenty of gore and action.

Let me know if this topic is obsolete, since we discuss so many things in the Freeland.

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Has just enough boobs to keep me watching. :wink:

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It does, doesn’t it :smiley:

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season2 just came out (i think… havent checked yet) but Im looking forward to see if its as good as the first season.

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Dropped on Oct 31st. I binged it a couple days ago and loved it.
The TV show opening sequence is really well made as well.

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If you like scifi, there is a lot of great stuff out there.

Battlestar Galactica (2004)
The Expanse
Altered Carbon (very Deus Ex-ish)
Dark Matter
Star Trek: Discovery
LOST (stick with it and take notes if you must :wink: )

Fantasy not so much. I can’t find a show that does it for me. If you count Supernatural as fantasy then forget what I said because that’s best show evaaaaaaa. The first season of True Detective is phenomenal, too. Take notes on that one, too lol. I’ve watched it probably six or seven times.

Speaking of police shows: Bosch is probably my favorite of all of them. They do a fantastic job of showing and not telling, almost to a fault (rewatching the entire series, and there is a lot of subtle shit that is super easy to miss they never explicitly tell you)

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so far in season 2 of jack ryan…

They are making him out to be a little bitch.
He cant shoot
He cant catch someone running
His reflexes are shit
He’s two steps behind the plot.
Everyone else is saving his ass.
He cant fight hand to hand.
Luck is the only reason he’s not dead yet (and im only on episode 5)

wtf happened



Disenchantment is good :smile: .

A couple of friends were watching The Shannara Chronicles . Haven’s seen it myself but know people around me that enjoyed it. Disregard. Apparently it starts to suck after several episodes in.

Maybe the Witcher will be a good fantasy show. I hope.

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My ex started watching this at some point and stopped because it was crap. And believe you me, that’s saying something. She’s pretty open and tolerant towards mediocre/bad shows and she couldn’t finish 5 or so episodes…Not to deter you or anything, just offering a different view point

Completely forgot about this! I was so looking forward to it, but then forgot to pay attention :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

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I vaguely remember someone mentioning that it goes bad. Like I said I haven’t seen it myself so I cant judge.

Lmao. Yeah man, it’s the best :wink:

My wife talked me out of buying a life size stand of Dean Winchester. I told her I didn’t care that it was in the little girls section of Hot Topic.

Hoping that and Wheel of Time picks up where A Song of Ice and Fire fell off. I got bored in the first season and lost interest.

Wheel of Time series of books was awesome right up to the final couple of books, where it went kind of poop

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Not feeling it, will give him a chance though

Hellsing Abridged was too good for this world.

Anyone watching The Mandalorian?

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I will be watching it

I was going to wait for the entire series to finish as I like to binge watch

cant stand waiting for the next instalment

I’ve watched the first ep. The second one is already out now as well, but I’m not satisfied with the current quality offerings.

Season 4 of Man in the high castle is finally out though, and I’m super amped :smiley:

I like the tone of the show. It reminds me of the oldschool western movies.

Google harder :wink: