Upcoming Changes to my Setup

Hey, all!

I need your input since I’m going to change my current setup and need some input and / or validation for my plans since I don’t wanna waste money and HW that I dont need to spent.

Here is a Map of how I want it to be and and how it is right now:

One thing I want to do is remove the “Gaming” from my Workstation to its own dedicated PC (I wanted to do a stupid “evil” :blu_team: & :green_team: build)
and keep my Workstation nice and clean with my GNU+Linux & BSD Installs.

Storage goes into my (currently not used) NAS that I want to upgrade in terms of Storage and configuration since when I did the initial config a couple of years ago (had a little business back then) focus was on not loosing any data and now its not suiting my needs at all.

Thats for the general overview of whats going on.

Sorta unknowns is the Evil Blu/Green Built since I’m reluctant to spent money for Gaming but I do like to game a bit and need it to be separated from “work”.

Sorta my plan, if I afford the HDD upgrade for the NAS would be a 2x2tb RAID 0 config for the Workstation and for Gaming Rig, just to have a bunch of HDD Space available if needed, in both Rigs, will be purely SSDs/SSDs+NVME, for if there is a lot of Data that needs to be saved temporarily or so.

Things I need to buy:

  • Case for Gaming Rig
  • RAM for Gaming Rig
  • (GPU Upgrade for Gaming Rig)
  • HDDs for NAS (4x4TB at least, 4x8TB would be nice)
  • PSU for Gaming Rig
  • Network Switch / Cables

Things I could buy:

  • CPU Upgrade Workstation
  • MoBo Upgrade Workstation
  • RAM Upgrade Workstation (Could pass RAM to Gaming Rig)

Since a lot of new awesome Tech hits this year and I’m moving in two months and Black Friday is coming in November, I mostly want to get as much of the Setup going when I’m in the new place and buy the HW needed on Black Friday or any other Sale to save some cash.



Keep in mind raid 0 is generally not reliable. Large drives (4tb) are real nail biters to resilver if in a raid config.

I would stripe the gaming drives or just use nvme/ssd on everything. And logical volumes look the easy way out.

I used zfs on my current server with smaller drives, it works but its overkill and uses ~280w (ups draw) for 6 disk pool with 1 hotspare +2 backup drives and an ssd for OS.

I’d probably just use LV with some yeuge drives as I don’t require speed or uptime.