What a ya buyin'?

CDs are garbage :wink:

Magazines should include microSDs instead of them. They are hella cheap these days

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I’ll recommend that to the EiC

what’s that? lol

Do magazines include disc drives as well?


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Editor in Chief

No, only dreams.

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I have to believe that as cheap as microSDs might be, CDs are still cheaper in volume provided that area/weight aren’t a limit (and a magazine is already big/heavy).

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yeah, probably. they wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t cost effective, one would think.

Have only taken two pics so far… The inside is a mess, so it’s this grill that came with the house. We used it today, and it was glorious. Even better, it has a hose run to the house’s gas line, so no propane tank needed. Also, here’s part of the backyard (formerly a koi pond).


I am assuming you have RE 2 remake?


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Clean code book next to java programming book

Polar opposites :smiley:


Lmao the irony is that’s all the dude writes in these days, I think.

Since I have a charity LAN party soon… I decided to look more like a gamer by getting


Also got this case to change out the MB/CPU i am using on my centos/firewall PC So i’ll have room for two 10Gb NICs (currently using miniITX MB)


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Finally ordered a leatherworking toolkit.

Probably not great, but it’s cheap and I’m gonna go ahead and get some cheap leather next paycheck (or the one after) to mess around with.

I need a hobby, something hands on that’s relatively affordable and can offer good returns from base effort instead of expensive materials and startup.


So I have a Big Green Egg thinking about picking up a camp chef and traeger to complete my outdoor kitchen.

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Finally upgrading my audio setup from a sennheiser game zero driven by mobo.

Audio Technica M50x headphones
Schiit Fulla2 DAC
Fifine K670 mic
Also a set of cloth earpads

The seperate mic and dac are the biggest difference. So far the headphones seem a little more clear than the sennheisers. Havent used the mic yet but it should be alright.

No California, you cause cancer.

Got the yoga book for free, wish I could Linux on it (my try android) but it is pretty amazing for note taking keyboard blows though.

The buds are J29. For 35ish bucks these things are great for the price and so far the best I have gotten sound wise in any price range.

Nvidia Shield TV


Nvidia is the best vidia

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I have the old model but am looking at picking up the new pro model.