What a ya buyin'?

@admindev @BookrVII where do you store all those mugs?

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Kitchen cabinets or my desk drawers lol





Got some books and magazines too. A book on Java and A.I., Clean Code, Maximum PC, and Linux Pro magazine.

Pics later.

as a wannabe minimalist y’all trigger me btw

but have fun


Outside of books, mugs, and tech I don’t really buy anything. I’d be happy with a tiny home that had fiber and 4 bookshelves. 2 for books and 2 for mugs :yay:

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New knife


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Part II


> java

The subject matter was fascinating. Seemed worth it considering that’s where my education and experience lies.

@rgk @BookrVII so this is cool lol. Haven’t seen a disc in a magazine in a long long long time.


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CDs are garbage :wink:

Magazines should include microSDs instead of them. They are hella cheap these days

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I’ll recommend that to the EiC

what’s that? lol

Do magazines include disc drives as well?


Editor in Chief

No, only dreams.

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I have to believe that as cheap as microSDs might be, CDs are still cheaper in volume provided that area/weight aren’t a limit (and a magazine is already big/heavy).

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yeah, probably. they wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t cost effective, one would think.

Have only taken two pics so far… The inside is a mess, so it’s this grill that came with the house. We used it today, and it was glorious. Even better, it has a hose run to the house’s gas line, so no propane tank needed. Also, here’s part of the backyard (formerly a koi pond).

image image

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I am assuming you have RE 2 remake?


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Clean code book next to java programming book

Polar opposites :smiley:


Lmao the irony is that’s all the dude writes in these days, I think.