What Do You Do for a Living?

I assume everyone in here works in the tech field or in some capacity a role interfacing with tech. Just curious on how everyone got started and the path they took to get where they are at now. I’d like to also know what your short-term and long-term goals are? Even if you’re not in tech career.

I’ll start off…

Current job: Systems engineer

Previous position 4: Cloud Engineer
Previous position 3: IT Support Specialist
Previous position 2: NOC Engineer (intern)
Previous position 1: IT Analyst/Sysadmin (intern)

I started of as an intern doing sysadmin type work and then my next internship landed me a role working at a NOC of a very big technology company. I then got a role doing standard IT support for an MSP. This was much harder even though it was your standard desktop support job with some system administration work sprinkled in. I was the only onsite IT personnel and traveling to customer sites in Boston is a HUGE pain in the rear.

Thankfully I didn’t stay for very long and got out after little bit over my 1 year mark. The cloud engineer position was great and expanded my knowledge in AWS/Azure and scripting and programming! It felt a lot like my NOC internship (in terms of culture – super laidback) because the director at the company was my manager at the big technology company where I was an intern. Like all good things, it doesn’t last, I felt like I was stagnating career-wise and need to grow professionally which is why I took a system engineer role.

This cybersecurity company has me managing and automating deployments into the cloud and improving monitoring best practices. My goal for the future is to land an SRE role.

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Laborer for a temp agency, I go to various construction projects and help where needed. Weekend job is referee at an indoor airsoft arena.

Previously a machinist and automotive prototype lab technician

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Did the computer building job fall through?

I work on commercial automation. Mostly engineering, some tech and diagnostic work. Most of our work consists of configuring atrocious software. Occasionally networking and programming.

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yeah ava didnt hire me, I dont mind now that I have the us steel gig

Maybe take up welding? I recently borrowed a mig wire feed machine for my truck. Its pretty fun.

i work in IT for a govt agency, specifically as an Applications Developer

basically means i know basic coding and currently wasting my life programing access forms in VBA


have a mig in my barn but I really do not want to be a career welder

I see. I heard it was worth the pay and always in demand.

I have a fancy title for basically being an admin assistant at a beer and wine distributor. Free wine is nice, job is miserable.

I got a call about an interview at a private college today though, so we’ll see what happens.

embedded developer


I run a tax preparation company.


mechanical/electrical hydronic system design in AutoCAD


sysadmin on the side too


send help


idk what the first pic is, but looks cool

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a boiler system designed to melt snow on a sidewalk and loading dock


Damn that is impressive stuff! That reminds me so much of my last job! I was managing servers that were doing automated CAD work based on sensor input. I didn’t understand the logic or how the software worked but I did understand the linux and networking to get those servers working properly. :grin:

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If you could automate my job, people would pay big money for it.

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automation is bad

If you could reverse engineer the can bus on the tekmar controls I sell you could also make big bucks.

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I bet, the professional services and software devs that understood the software we’re making big money. I was just the lowly engineer who managed the OS and network level issues

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Id rather be doing that tbh. It gets stressful doing this and im not making big money.

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