What Metal 🤘 Are You Listening To?

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thoroughly enjoying sabaton as I venture farther into power metal


The Sword

Whole album is great.

I love Gojira, too.

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Just fired this up at work. Muh last day :wink:

Not exactly new stuff but lately its been tons of Mgla, Tomb Mold, Ahab, and Batushka.


On repeat for the last few days. A really good song lyrically. He had a proper voice!

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I excite.

@anon51308943 new fleshgod rips


So apparently there’s a new “Batushka” album after the drama.

I don’t actually know which “Batushka” is actually Batushka. From what I understand there’s an album from the other “Batushka” coming out in a month or so too.

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does this count

my favourite part starts at 6:36

I never tire of this song.

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Funny story: My wife is huge into NuMetal: Slipknot, Mudvayne, Killswitch Engage, etc. She also likes retro/neo-retro music: Old Maroon 5, pop music, old and new Taylor Swift, etc. She likes some old rock and roll/metal, too. Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth.


She had never heard Iron Maiden. She had heard all of the hype behind them, however. So, when she was 24 or 25, she finally heard Iron Maiden with me in the car. She was appalled. My dad refers to Nickelback et al. as “Tampon Rock”. She said that’s what she thought about Iron Maiden. It came down to me having to break up a soon-to-be fist fight between my dad and soon to be wife :joy:

She expected them to sound more like Slayer, from all the hype she heard. I have saved it in my mental Rolodex to bring it up when she feels wronged by something I’ve said. Still waiting.


Do that woman justice and show how the great “OOooooh-ooohhhh”


New Aether

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Pound tag nut

Giving the new album a spin.

And you married her why?


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