What's your Gaming Preference? (Survey)

What kind of games do you play? take the survey:


Here are my results:

That little spike on the bottom right is my boner for Dark Souls… the rest can likely be attributed to my love for games like the Witcher and Skyrim.

I’ve always really valued a game that has the ability to suck me in and make me forget to check my phone for a few hours… stories are fantastic, and equally so a good challenge… been gaming for 19 years need some difficulty to keep me captivated so I often play games on their hardest settings when a difficulty is available.

I encourage you guys to give a bit of background behind your survey results too!

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First. Person. Shooters.

Rarely a driving sim - I’m looking forward to VR driving sims once the resolution is there, this is an awesome experience.

I used to do flight simulators - heli and fixed wing, but haven’t in many years…



soooooo… you like Battlefield 4? lol

Never played

Hmm… I’m just curious what games you play with a results like that as it’s caught me off guard.

Right now? My top 3 time wasters are lol, Eve, and beamng drive.

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Thread jacker! Jk . I’ll post mine when I move them over tomorrow or something haha

What’s beaming drive? Is that where you made your bro ranger? Or is it a space game?

Skill based fps.
UT is taking for------------ever, Apex is not an fps, pubg is mega garbage, ring turned mtx hardcore… Never cared for CS. Don’t play any other newer stuff.

First cod was the only cod. I did play the new cod:mw beta and have some hope but won’t be surprised if they taint it with the same horseshit AAA treatment these new kid games get.

Yours truely,
A bitter old gamer.

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