When to Self Host and Who to Outsource To


Primer for Head in the Clouds! What’s the best VPS? Spoiler, it’s Vultr.

Opinions my own. I wasn’t paid to say that. Blah blah blah.

When to Self Host?

  • Personal Projects
  • Experiments
  • Personal Data
  • E-mail
  • Files

Self Host Considerations?

  • DNS
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Service Provider
  • Network Intrusion
  • Equipment
  • Electric Bill

When to Outsource?

  • Portfolio Sites
  • RSS
  • Client Sites
  • E-mail?
  • Collaboration

Outsourcing Considerations?

  • Cost
  • Availability
  • Location
  • OS/Distro Shilling
  • Services Provided
  • Suit Your Needs

Who to Outsource to?

  • Linode
  • Digital Ocean
  • Vultr

Why Vultr?

  • OpenBSD Baby!
  • Dark Mode (Yes, really)
  • 2FA/Sane Defaults
  • Total Infrastructure
    • High Performance
    • Compute
    • Bare Metal
    • Dedicated Cloud
  • Tailored Networking

awesome, going to listen to it soon. Need to start on my server this week. Still not sure if I should proxmox it or just do freenas

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“You can install Arch… BTW…”

Nicely done sir… full points! lol


Lol I gave myself a high five afterward


Earned it.


Digital Ocean for life, IDGAF.

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For sure, definitely use what suits you and your needs. The point of the episode wasn’t f’ the others, it was more my experience with them and outlining the features.

I still use Digital Ocean and have used it for years.

My first notification is from four years ago lol


Ha, we’re in the same boat

I hadn’t realized the cheapest Vultr is actually half that of DO, which might suit a monitoring server I wanted to set up using Grafana :thinking:

Spun it up yesterday in a local VM with the original plan of doing it on a Pi in the wiring cupboard, but since quarantine, the price of Pi 3’s has shot up almost double what they were prior here and I don’t want to re-purpose any of my current ones…


I was trying to figure why stores are asking $25 for a pi zero w.