Which mouse mat?

I am looking for a new mouse mat in the UK; budget of around £30. I want it to be durable, easy to clean and good at being a mouse mat. There’s too many brands out there and the internet can’t seem to agree on what is actually good. Any thoughts?

I have an Akasa mousepad/mat that’s been good for a few years now.

The TS and L1T (among others) mouse mats are quite nice too.

Tempted by the L1 mat but the shipping is quite high.

This one has my eye currently: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/AUKEY-900x400x4mm-Extended-Mouse-Pad-Water-Resistant-Non-slip-Special-Textured-x/dp/B00QN3L4ZI/ref=smi_www_rco2_go_smi_g8682124849?_encoding=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0&ie=UTF8

Shipping from the US to another country is wicked expensive, shipping from another country to the US is usually cheaper. Don’t know why.

I think a lot of mouse mats are built either at the same handful of factories, or at least of very similar materials. My Akasa mouse mat is nearly identical to my TS mouse mat, and I believe those are/were the same as the L1T mouse mats.

desk mat or a smaller mouse pad

I’ve been using the same desk mat I bought at LAN Syndicate since 2016 and it totally holds up to everything from sweaty palms, silicone oil for airsoft guns, to the heat of directly placing a hot pocket on it. 11/10

99% sure the L1 mats are the same printing company

@FrogE if you have found one that you are somewhat certain that you would buy it, pls share a link. i need a new one aswell and i would like to clean it once in a while.

i tried that years ago with a cheap one and … it didnt end well.

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I can vouch for the steelseries qck

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I would prefer a desk mat. I’m going to plunge for the one I linked earlier and see how it goes. Will report back for @BookrVII on what I think of it. I would have liked a L1 mat but like w.meri said shipping from the US is not cheap. I think it has to do with our import taxes rather than the US being to blame.


I’ve been watching a lot of Parks and Recreation lately, and I keep thinking the title of this thread is “which mouse rat”?


Me too. I have two Steelseries qck mouse pads. One at home and one at work. Don’t know about how easy these are to clean but the surface is still good, and I bought first one maybe 4-5 years ago.

Desk mat arrived today. So far I love it. Here’s a picture of it with my set up:


As a fellow ultrawide user, i fully support htis message.

is that the mat from https://amzn.to/2EW5uHz ?



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Damn dude, that’s badass!

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